Terms of Service

Please read these terms of use (“Terms of Service”) carefully. By using or accessing the website operated by Armorlog LLC (“Armorlog”) (“our website” or “the Armorlog website”) under licence from Armorlog International Pty Ltd, you accept these Terms of Service. Armorlog may change these Terms of Service at any time and without notice. By continuing to use or access our website & software you agree to the Terms of Service as they apply from time to time.

Terms of Use of Armorlog Software

When you sign up to Safetrade.Market you are agreeing that you are responsible for your business and your use of this service not Safetrade.Market or Armorlog LLC or any of its associated affiliates or third party providers.

Your ownership rights in your product are yours we will not resell or lay claim to your products but equally all liability for your products and services is yours and you are responsible to the end users if something goes wrong with your product, if it is defective or injurious to the user. Equally as a user you understand that Safetrade.Market has no rights in the products or services displayed on this site and your recourse is with the vendor of the product or service and or the manufacturer or creator.
Armorlogs’ various software components for are subject to patent application and copyright. The Software may only be used under licence or agreement from Armorlog in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable agreements and this agreement.

The Software may only be downloaded by end users who have entered into a Software End User Agreement with Armorlog and agree to these Terms of Service.

Notifications of Scams

It is expressly prohibited under any of the agreements under which the Software is to be used, for the Software to be used in conjunction with any antisocial activity, including but not limited to, illicit drugs, alcohol, usury, pornography, prostitution, money laundering, weapons dealing, bait advertising and unlicensed, defective or illegal product distribution or dumping, either directly or indirectly.

Administrators of the Software are only authorised to provide the Software to end users after having entered into a Software Administrator Agreement with Armorlog. Administrators are required under the terms of the software Administrator Agreement to use all reasonable endeavours to ensure vendors and service providers on the Administrators’ networks are prevented from undertaking any of the antisocial activities described above and that they will comply with generally accepted anti money laundering & privacy principles.

If end users of the Software notify Armorlog in writing or by email of any suspected vendors or service providers on an Administrator’s networks that are operating or suspected of operating a scam or engaging in any of the prohibited antisocial activities described above, Armorlog may, within its discretion do any or all of the following:

  1. notify the relevant Administrator and request the Administrator to investigate the report or complaint;
  2. issue a warning notice to the relevant Administrator after receiving reports or complaints from end users;
  3. provide the relevant Administrator with opportunity to remedy any specified breaches of a Software Administrator Agreement; and
  4. if the relevant Administrator does not take action to remedy notified breaches after having received the opportunity, Armorlog may elect to terminate the relevant Software Administrator Agreement and take any further action as it considers appropriate in the circumstances.

    You must ensure you are properly licenced in the jurisdictions in which you operate to deal in the products that you list on this site under your Administration account.

    This trading site is reputation based and we monitor all user data to detect users with abnormal levels of complaint this applies equally to users as both buyers and sellers. You should seek to trade in good faith and not make misrepresentation and be fair and honest in your dealings with other users. We will freeze or close accounts if we consider corrective action is required and not undertaken or if a user is abusing the service this applies equally to both buyers and sellers. Sellers will be responsible for the cost of mediation if they refuse to come to a compromise through the automated online dispute resolution system.

Trade Marks
Armorlog is the owner of the trade marks that appear on this website, including:


Variable Proprietary Character Set Multi-layered Login Technology TM VPCSML TM.  And vpcsml TM.


the Armorlog Logo.


Safetrade.MarketTM and


the Safetrade.Market Logo.
You must not use any of these trade marks in a way that infringes Armorlog’s intellectual property rights.


Unless otherwise indicated, Armorlog owns all of the intellectual property, including copyright, in the, software, text, website design, logos, graphics, images and other material ("Content") on our website. Copyright © Armorlog International Pty Ltd 1998 to the current time under licence to Armorlog LLC. All rights reserved.

No Content from our website may be copied, reproduced, adapted, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, distributed or communicated to the public by on-line or electronic transmission in any form or by any means without Armorlog’s prior written consent.

If you wish to copy, reproduce or otherwise use any of the Content on our website, you must request written permission from Armorlog. If permission is granted, you will be required to properly attribute the author of the Content. Please send any request for permission to use or reproduce any content using the enquiry link on our site we will contact you if we are prepared to enter into a licensing agreement to allow you to use any of our intellectual property. If we do not respond permission is not granted.

Where it is indicated that the intellectual property in the Content is owned by someone else it is included on our website under licence or agreement from the relevant third party.
Exclusion of Warranties and Liability

Armorlog makes no warranties or representations in respect of:

(a) the Software, including without limitation, any warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose;
(b) our website or Content, including that any information on or linked our website is complete or accurate; or
(c) the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the Software or as to the use of any Software being uninterrupted or error free or that all errors in the Software will be corrected. In particular, Armorlog, its affiliates and third party suppliers will not be liable for (i) any corruption, alteration, damage, loss or mistransmission (as applicable) of an administrator’s or any third party’s data, software, hardware or systems; and (ii) loss or damage resulting from the inadequacy of security of data during transmission via public electronic communications networks or facilities,
(d) the fitness for purpose of any goods or services that are listed on the Safetrade.Market trading site.

and expressly excludes all such warranties that might otherwise be implied to the maximum extent permitted by law.

It is the explicit responsibility of the user who is a seller on the Safetrade.Market trading site to provide the warranty to the user who is a buyer of a product or service as required by law in the jurisdiction in which the product is purchased. The user seller accepts they have full responsibility for a product or service fitness for purpose and all liability associated therewith as required to the extent of the law in the jurisdiction of the purchaser.

Armorlog is not responsible and will not be liable to you or any other person for any loss or damage suffered in connection with the use of our website or any of the content, including and not limited to use of our website to download software or any other product or make any payment concerning such software or products. You take full responsibility for your use or reliance on our website and the information and content on or linked to our website and your use of the Software.

Armorlog is a common carrier and to the full extent permitted by law, Armorlog excludes any liability which may arise as a result of the use of our website, the Agreements, the downloading of the Software, payments made to Armorlog or others using our website or any transactions you or any other person may enter into with third parties using the Software, site and payment processes. Armorlog will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss, or loss of profit, arising out of or in connection with the:

  1. the Agreements;
  2. downloading the Software from our website;
  3. use of the Armorlog website or information or content on, or linked to, the Armorlog website; or
transactions entered into by end users, referrers or administrators with third parties using the Software, Site and Products accessed therein.


​Caveat Emptor

While we have taken and will continue to take every step we can to develop this site to protect the interests of all parties it is never the less a trading site and you should heed the maxim "let the buyer beware".


By using the Armorlog website, you agree to indemnity, defend and hold harmless Armorlog and its subsidiaries, officers, employees and agents from and against any losses or liabilities, claims, damages or expenses, which may arise (directly or indirectly) out of or as a result of the Activities.

No Class Actions

By using the Armorlog website you agree that you will not enter into any class actions law suit, arbitration conciliation or mediation actions against Armorlog or any of its associated entities.

Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the maximum liability of Armorlog arising from or in connection with the Activities (including direct and indirect damages, and damages arising in tort including negligence), shall not exceed the licence fee or other amount paid to Armorlog pursuant to an Agreement.

Governing Law

The use of the Armorlog website, the Software and these Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the United States of America (USA) and the State of Delaware USA. All content on our website relates to the laws of the USA and the State of Delaware, unless specifically stated otherwise.


To the extent that there is any inconsistency between any of the terms in these Terms of Use and the terms or conditions of an Agreement, the terms and conditions of the relevant Agreement will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is fully protected and none of your personal, business or financial details are shared with anyone. We will not trade in your personal or business information. You will need to confirm a shipping address and you can determine how much information you wish to share regarding that in the check-out procedure. If you choose an integrated freight provider then the merchant may not know your address but the freight company will and they may share that information with the merchant in the event of a dispute. You are responsible for ensuring your account information is up to date and correct. You are also responsible for ensuring you keep your user access credentials confidential and do not share them with anyone. We recommend you use a dedicated device to access our site that is not used for any other purpose to limit the risk of compromise from malware to your activities. We also recommend you have suitable antivirus and email authentication software installed and that you keep your software up dated with any patches that are released by your various software vendors for your device. We recommend if available that you implement password protection for your device, including any pin assignments and two factor authentication available for your operating system and all software and databases residing on your device or software, databases & networks accessed from your device. While we will make every effort to protect users from cyber-attacks we offer no guarantees in regard to this and ask that you refrain from entering into any high value high risk transactions on our site if you are not prepared to accept that the risk is entirely yours if the transactions are compromised. We take no responsibility for the content or operation of external links to our site. We may be required by law to provide your information without your knowledge to statutory authorities we will be governed only by the laws of the USA and the State of Delaware USA any other authority seeking information will need to apply via national or international treaties to the USA or the State of Delaware as applicable and we will only comply with orders of the USA Government authorities where appropriate authority has been clearly demonstrated and where in our opinion the request is normal prudential procedure and not an abuse of process or a breach of generally accepted privacy principles. If any international treaties apply we will recognize those only to the extent that they have been ratified by the USA and the State of Delaware USA and do not conflict with generally accepted privacy principles.

Statutory Standards

You must ensure that your product or service that you seek to sell or buy complies with the governing standards and licensing laws of the jurisdiction in which the product or service is to be provided examples are:

- electronics and communications equipment should comply with the safety standards & transmission standards of the country it is to be used in and should contain the necessary markings as required.

- generally prescription medicines can only be dispensed by a registered health professional following consultation.

- sale of businesses may require a dealer licence.

- sale of real estate or property will generally require a dealer licence in the jurisdiction the property is to be sold.

- second hand motor vehicle and marine vessel sales may require the vendor to be registered as a dealer and provide a warranty to the purchaser.

- sale of alcohol is subject to strict liquor licensing laws in most jurisdictions.

- professional services generally require membership of a recognized professional association and the practitioner would generally be required to have professional indemnity insurance and be subject to ongoing professional education.

- labeling laws apply to many products and vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction you should ensure that your product satisfies the labeling requirements of the jurisdiction in which your product will be consumed or used.

These are simply examples of the many requirements that may apply, in using the Safetrade.Market site you agree that is beyond the scope of this service to assist you in these matters and you undertake that you will make your own enquiries to ensure that what you buy or sell is compliant with the laws of the jurisdictions in which you operate.

Freight Calculations

The freight calculation is an estimate only to assist users who are selling products to recover an estimate of their costs. Users can use the supplementary freight field in the inventory database to add any additional costs if the freight calculator will not provide sufficient coverage for example the costs of delivery of their product to the nearest freight hub.

Only pay freight as shown on your order it is part of the conditions of the use of this site that the seller can only charge freight as disclosed in the shopping cart checkout.

If a seller contacts you directly seeking prepayment of any charges to them before delivery you should not accept this and you should immediately report this matter to us.

It is a breach of the terms of service for a user to try to levy charges other than as disclosed in the shopping cart and only via the shopping cart and escrow system.

Sellers found to be asking for advance payments outside the Safetrade.Market escrow service will have their account immediately suspended.

Rates are based on the user selected provider rates ruling from time to time if you wish to alter the rate you must add your additional charge in the freight field for each product listed.

A 10% facilitation fee is applied to all freight calculations to cover account fees, emission taxes, fuel levies and remote area surcharges.

Freight calculation on bulk breaks for returns is a simple average estimate only for the sake of expediency and to facilitate dispute resolution no attempt has been made to allow for bulk discount weightings. By using this service you agree to this methodology for calculation of freight on returns is acceptable for the purposes of resolving amounts refundable in event of a dispute.

You must ensure that your product to be shipped does not contravene the freight providers’ restrictions on hazardous products. You should check these requirements before you list your product for sale. Many of these rules exist because of Government legislative requirements and you could face prosecution or claims for damages if you fail to comply with them.

Misquoting the weight or dimensions of products will not be tolerated. Your account will be charged with any overweight or oversized charges from misquoting the weight or dimensions of goods and your account will be suspended.

Pickup Option

If a user has set the freight option for pickup only for an item they wish to sell no freight will be calculated and an address for collection of the goods will be displayed that has been supplied by the user for the listed product.

If a user chooses to buy a product that has been set with a pickup option the dispute resolution service will be curtailed and if the goods are not fit for purpose the user will need to use the traditional retail method of return of goods under warranty for the jurisdiction concerned which is outside the scope of this trading platform and entirely at the users risk.


We would encourage you to take insurance for delivery for products that are to be physically sent to you.

We also encourage you to take out insurance if your trading activities are substantial to protect against cyber-attacks and fraud and to cover you for product liability and or professional indemnity. The online service does not cover these types of insurances you will need to arrange them directly with your insurer yourself.

Transactional Taxes (Sales Tax, VAT & GST)

Each user is responsible for their own transaction taxes levied in their country of origin. If Armorlog is required to remit taxes under lawful instruction from taxation authorities you the user agree that this will occur and it is only on the basis of a withholding remittance and the ultimate obligation for taxation resides with you the user and is a matter between you and your respective taxation authorities.

Customs Excise, Taxes & Duties

The user receiving a product is responsible for all customs duties and taxes in the Country of delivery if any apply. The user dispatching the product or service is responsible for all customs, duties & taxes in the Country of dispatch if any of apply. If Armorlog is required to remit taxes under lawful instruction from taxation authorities you the user agree that this will occur and it is only on the basis of a withholding remittance and the ultimate obligation for taxation resides with you the user and is a matter between you and your respective taxation authorities.

No Presales

You must have the goods or services you intend to sell in your possession you cannot sell on a consignment basis we do not recognise any retention of title claims from third parties. No pre-sales are allowed on this site you must show the true level of stock available at all times if you fail to do this your account will be immediately terminated at the sole discretion of Armorlog. If an item is a custom made sale you will need to disclose this in your description failure to do so will result in account termination at the sole discretion of Armorlog.

Product Condition

If you sell goods that are defective or used you must disclose the full nature of the defects so the buyer can make an informed buying decision. If you do not you will be required to give the buyer a full refund if they request it and you will have to pay the freight for the return of the goods or their disposal if you do not want them returned and if you have multiple complaints for such matters your account will be terminated at the sole discretion of Armorlog.


No Credential Sharing

You must not share your credentials or token with anyone. It is in your interest not to share your credentials in order to protect your privacy and your assets. If it is found that you have shared your credentials or token with anyone else the account will be immediately and permanently suspended. If you want someone to transact on your behalf the correct manner to do this is to establish a separate account with an appropriately drafted contract drafted by an appropriately licensed legal practitioner to protect your interests. If you need to have credentials access corporately you should have the appropriate documented and validated authorisation for the appropriate officer to execute transactions on the Corporations behalf.


No Vilification or Discrimination

You should ensure you avoid the use of language in text, comments, graphics or audio that may vilify or discriminate against others. Armorlog retains the right to permanently suspend any accounts found to be vilifying or discriminating unfairly against anyone.


Personal Safety

Wherever possible you should have products delivered by a professional courier or postal service. It is advisable to not let anyone into your home and if you do you should ensure you are not alone and you should first satisfy yourself that they are who they say they are and that they do not pose a threat to you. Generally you should avoid attending premises that are not a normal place of business and you should be aware that even retail shops & business premises can be a front for people of dubious character seeking to defraud or intimidate you. If you wish to make an onsite physical inspection of goods before you buy them or you have chosen products that have only a pickup option for delivery, you should satisfy your-self that it is a safe environment to attend, if you do decide to attend it should be during daylight hours only and you should ensure you have someone accompany you particularly if not in a normally accepted place of business or in an isolated location.


Trade Embargoes

You are not eligible to register with Safetrade.Market if you are domiciled in a Country that is subject to a trade embargo by the State Of Delaware or the United States of America or the United Nations. If you are subject to a trade embargo by any such authority your account will be terminated.



​The account fee payable to establish your account is non-refundable. A fee of 5% is charged on all sales. An account renewal fee is payable on each 12 month anniversary as shown in the Trade Credit Manager App. Any cash-out request will be limited to the excess above the establishment fee only with a minimum limit for cash-outs of $200 and a maximum that can be cashed out at any one time of $5,000. The user is responsible for all bank and interbank charges to facilitate payments into and from the users Trade Credits balance.

R1 Last modified: 26 May 2017