Welcome to Safetrade.Market

Here you can buy and sell your products and services in safety with a single payment exchange facility, automated escrow service and integrated dispute resolution that assist you in dealing safely with other parties while maintaining your privacy and security. We have integrated freight, accounting and tax calculation, and merchant payment services in a full functioning ecommerce platform and a single search engine optimized inventory database listing all traders merchandise and services.

You start by simply browsing the site when you are ready you can register and if you want to make a purchase you can purchase Safetrade Credits to buy and sell. Once registered and your account payment accepted you can easily browse the listings and buy what you want. If you have something you wish to sell simply click on the My Products link that will appear at the top and bottom of this home page and side menus after you have registered and then add your inventory.

Your privacy is fully protected and none of your personal, business or financial details are shared with anyone. Unlike many other sites we do not and will not trade your personal information with anyone. You will need to confirm a shipping address and you can determine how much information you wish to share regarding that in the check-out process. We would encourage you to have insurance for product liability and shipping risk for any goods or services that you will buy or sell.

Please ensure you understand and respect the terms of service and do not trade in any contraband products .