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For vibrant well-being and smoother tasting coffee start your day right. Add one teaspoon to hot water – drink black or white. Regular coffee never stood a chance! 100% LEGAL
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Known as the king of mushrooms as it has the highest source of antioxidants gram for gram in the world 1 serve equalling 5 large cups of blueberries. Due to this its benefit on the immune system is profound, boosting or soothing as needed by your body. Chaga has a pleasant nutty, earthy taste, that grows on Siberian birch trees and is kind on the environment. Only the outer fruiting body is collected, leaving the mycelium whole and happy. High in zinc and potassium, Chaga’s alkalinity reduces the bitter taste of black coffee making it much smoother while also removing any digestive discomfort of plain coffee that some people suffer.


Very popular with athletes particularly those in endurance categories. Commonly used as a pre workout as it increases our V02 max and the ability for the body to uptake oxygen. At the same time it is known as an adaptogen helping support the immune system during times of stress. It really is perfect for those needing extra energy whether it be during sport or a long day at work. The flavour of cordyceps is mild and creamy.

Ingredients: UTZ certified dehydrated coffee, organic siberian chaga extract, organic cordyceps sinesis extract.

*10 serves per pack

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